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Please paste your text below and specify what text to replace. The search input supports regular expressions.

Text search and replace utility

This utility allows users to input a text document and then specify the search word and the replace word. The tool then searches the text for all occurrences of the search word and replaces them with the replace word.

This online tool provides the option to customize the search and replace process, such as case sensitivity, replace all instances or just first, and regular expressions.

This search box allows the input of regular expressions. Examples of such expressions include:

  • [A-Z0-9._%+-]+ matches one or more uppercase letters, digits, dots, underscores, percent signs.
  • [A-Z]{2,} matches two or more uppercase letters in the top-level domain portion of the email address.
  • /\b and \b/ denote word boundaries, which ensure that the match is not part of a larger word.

There are many good references for JavaScript regular expressions including: MDN's JavaScript Regular Expressions, and

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